MRP tips and tricks

Last week, I participated in the most heavily attended AXUG session that I’ve personally seen.  There were around 80 people gathered together at a customer location in northern Kentucky.  Although there were some giveaways, I have to imagine the reason most of the people were there was the subject matter. I presented a 1.5 hour long session on master planning tips and tricks.  Although the first 15 minutes was “what is master planning,” the rest of the session was geared towards specific features of master planning and how they worked.  Time fences, coverage codes, negative days, and forecasting were all things that were discussed.  There was also very strong engagement from the audience and a lot of questions. Although the slide deck was posted on AXUG’s website, I’d also like to offer it out on here.  Just put your name and email address below, and you can download the slide deck that I presented.  If you’re interested in context, send me an email and we can talk about how you can attend another presentation… [email-download download_id=”2849″ contact_form_id=”2676″]