Ideas for D365? Tell Microsoft!

This blog post is a public service announcement. If you have an idea for how Dynamics 365 for Operations can be improved, Microsoft has a website where end users can tell them what they'd like to see as well as vote on ideas that other users have suggested. Get out there and post your great ideas! Also, there are already several great ideas that have been posted. If you see a life changing idea, be sure to vote it up!

The website where ideas can be submitted to Microsoft and voted on is:

This is a great opportunity for everyone's voice to be heard. I know many users have been in the system and hoped for different functionality, came up with an idea of how to execute a process more efficiently, or even thought of an entirely new way to do something. If you do end up sharing an idea with Microsoft through this site, share the link to your idea in the comments on this blog post and I will definitely go check it out. I am looking forward to reading what you'd like to see!
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