What to expect at AXUG Summit ’16

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Don’t look now, but the sunshine and bay views of Tampa, Fl are only a few short months away!

While last year’s Reno summit featured some of the most exciting and popular sessions the event has ever seen, AXUG will look to put on an even better performance this October at Summit ’16.

For seasoned Summit pros, more Microsoft representation and a larger convention space will mean increased supply following the massive demand seen at last year’s event. For new-comers, even more opportunities to learn through training sessions and networking events will have them leaving inspired and hungry for more.

So what are we waiting for? Here’s what to expect from AXUG Summit ’16:

A greater Microsoft presence

Earlier this year it was announced that Microsoft intends to ramp up its presence at this year’s AXUG summit. The announcement has already prompted Summit organizers to extend the event’s Summit dates to accommodate more action, adding a half day on Tuesday to ensure users get the most out of Microsoft’s availability. Users can also look forward to more Microsoft-led sessions as well as increased Microsoft roadmap trainings, greater access to MS leadership, and more educational talks from experienced Microsoft leaders.

A larger convention space

The Tampa Convention Center offers a massive 200,000-square foot exhibit hall, which means there will be more booths, more ideas, and more chances to learn and grow. AXUG anticipates over 200 breakout sessions will take place over the three-and-a-half-day event, as well as ample opportunities for pre-conference training, access to online community leaders, and even chances to fulfill CPE credits. As if all that wasn’t big enough, Summit ’16 will also feature a keynote speech given inside a 19,000-seat hockey arena in downtown Tampa.

A beautiful location

Anyone who’s been to a Summit event knows that there is often as much to look forward to outside the convention center walls as there is within them. Located in beautiful Tampa, Florida, the downtown skyline and surrounding bay views will provide a scenic and motivating backdrop for client meetings, team building sessions, and whatever else Summit holds in store. Just be sure to pack some sunscreen!

A bounty of new product ideas 

Over the last year, Microsoft Dynamics AX has undergone some of the most drastic changes its seen in years. In the wake of those changes have come a plethora of new ideas and products created by users eager to make the most of AX’s newfound capabilities. What this means for Summit ’16 is that more developers and innovators than ever will be present and ready to debut their latest offerings.  Our prediction? These innovators will be the biggest disrupters of them all at Summit ’16!

Even more peer-to-peer interaction

Microsoft Dynamics AX is home to one of the most innovative and tight-knit communities in technology. As such, the highlight of AXUG Summit ’16 will, once again, be the incredible opportunity for AX users to interact and share ideas with thousands of their peers all under one roof. Through dedicated networking receptions, meet-and-greets, extended expo hours, and the ad-hoc information exchanges Summit has become famous for, attendees should be as excited as ever to learn, to grow, and to help lead Dynamics AX into the future.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Summit? Let us know in the comments and be sure to drop by the AXMentor booth to hear about what we have in store for 2017!

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