Three big takeaways from AXUG Summit ‘16


For most of the AX community, October was highlighted by the much-anticipated AXUG Summit 2016 in Tampa, FL.

For first-timers, the premier annual AXUG event was an opportunity to get introduced to the passionate base that is the AX User Group. For Summit veterans, it was a chance to help lead Dynamics into its daring next step.

Even for those who were unable to attend, major product changes as well as innovative new ideas mean users all over the world will feel the effects of the event in some way or another in the coming months.

Here’s a rundown of AXUG Summit 2016, in case you missed it or, like us, are still coming down from all the excitement.

1. Big Summit ideas

Andrew showing AX Admin on the monitor at AXUG Summit 2016.

Andrew showing AX Admin on the monitor at AXUG Summit 2016.

With thousands of AX users all in one place, Microsoft took the opportunity to announce its vision for the future, namely Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 aims to bring a “digital transformation” to Dynamics AX (now “Dynamics for Operations”) by putting a greater portion of the solution into the cloud with the goal of streamlining accessibility and workflow. It will also consolidate Microsoft’s AX and CRM systems into one product.

Greater licensing options will also be available to customers with the new release, which are to be laid out in more detail in the coming weeks. While many users were still trying to wrap their heads around Microsoft’s direction at Summit’s end, what was certain at AXUG Summit was that all users were intent on working together to venture into the next chapter of Dynamics together.

2. New products

Summit was crawling with new products all aimed at helping Dynamics users work smarter. From individual task applications to full-fledged AX solutions, users had the opportunity to learn about new ways to leverage their AX solution and watch many new solutions in action.

At the AXMentor booth, we demoed the AXAdmin app, which helps Infrastructure and System Administrators of Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and AX 2012 RTM and R2/FP access their AX no matter the time or place. The future of how Dynamics products are released also received a big upgrade. With AppSource, Microsoft’s newest online marketplace for Dynamics applications, developers now have a single place to market their solutions and users will have instant access to directly download the tools they need.

3. More teamwork

Dan talking to Aaron at AXUG Summit 2016.

Dan talking to Aaron at AXUG Summit 2016.

AXUG Summit was, above all, a chance for partners and users to come together to learn what makes an AX solutions great. Through hundreds of user-lead sessions attendees had countless opportunities to learn about high-level topics as well as drill down to the case-by-case AX tasks that matter most to today’s Dynamics users.

Sessions that we lead included discussions on BI project cost reduction, AX 2012 optimization, and the power of case management in the public sector, and we were thrilled with the involvement we had in each. A special thank you goes out to customers who joined us for some networking, entertainment, and great food at our client dinner at Raymond James Stadium.

All in all, AXUG Summit once again proved itself a powerful tool for bringing together users, chapters, and ideas in order to further strengthen the Dynamics community. We extend our greatest thanks to the AXUG planning committee as well as the users that keep Dynamics the most innovative ERP and CRM system in the world.

Check out our Summit Recap Video below or click here!

See you next year at AXUG Summit 2017 in Nashville!

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