Six Features that Modernize the New AX

Six features that modernize the New AX

Six Features that Modernize the New AX

The New AX has changed a lot from Microsoft’s last release of its Dynamics AX ® software.

A new technology stack and a cloud-based, Azure-hosted infrastructure platform have made the new Microsoft Dynamics AX a powerhouse competitor in the modern (and mobile) ERP market.

Technical upgrades aren’t the only big changes that have occurred in the new AX. While users have come to expect greater capabilities and more powerful tools in any an ERP update, the beauty of Microsoft’s latest AX rendition is that it’s as much about the back-end upgrades as it is the front-end.

A redesigned user interface, persona-based and intuitive shortcuts, as well as improved business process workflows exemplify the modernized look and feel the New Dynamics AX is quickly becoming known for.

Here are a few of the changes that are helping to bring Dynamics AX into the mobile-first cloud-first age of Enterprise Resource Planning:


1-1eat1kE1CvcQn1d_py5TkADynamics AX can be logged into from almost any web browser, meaning greater accessibility for all users. On top of that, the new formatting allows AX to run on virtually any type of device, including tablets and smartphones.

The new Dynamics AX also features an intuitive design that reflects the modern touch physics today’s smartphone and tablet users are familiar with.


With Workspaces, users can take advantage of an updated graphical interface that, in essence, allows multiple sections of AX to be in use simultaneously through a seamless dashboard. This multitasking tool makes AX feel more like a tablet application than the desktop-hosted software it once was.

New filtering and view options make the user experience simpler and more productive. Filtering no longer requires standard query knowledge allowing new users to sift through data sets with ease in just a few clicks of a mouse. Updated view features allow you to add, move, or hide fields on a list page easily, and if you’ve created a view that works well you can easily share it with your entire organization.

An improved search tool

The new global search feature within AX enables users to easily locate the exact information they are looking for, no matter where in the system it may reside. All it takes is a simple search.

You can also take advantage of the newly-adopted “Hamburger” menu to jump from various modules. The menu, once reserved for social media apps, is used in AX to simplify navigation and even features a Favorites option as well as a Recent Places section leveraging its web-based design.

Interface personalization


Microsoft has implemented its “hamburger” menu into the new AX.

When you used to envision Enterprise Software Planning you saw standard, code-looking drop-down menus and clinical slate-gray themes.

Now, however, the customization of your Dynamics dashboard has become as open-ended as the software itself is. Through the settings option, users can personalize their home page with custom colors, default start pages as well as different sign-in companies if users have multiple-entity accesses. The change brings a much-needed jolt of life to the previously bland market and makes the new web-based release that much more versatile.


With more features and a new technology stack, there are bound to be even more questions. Microsoft has anticipated this with several updates to AX’s Guides and Help features, the first of which is a new Wiki-style content page.

The AX Wiki, which can be found at, is a living document that aims to grow with the software. The document works as a catch-all for AX features that can be contributed to and reviewed by the AX community at large, providing an excellent way to catch issues, report on fixes, feature update info, and much more all in real time.


From a user training standpoint, new task guides will promote online learning and step-by-step training, which can be customized to individual business processes and can easily walk new users through the system.

In many ways, AX has simplified what Enterprise Resource Planning means. The cloud-based infrastructure, a more intuitive interface, and web principles familiar to modern-day businesses, make Microsoft Dynamics AX the tool for empowering users to focus on what’s truly important: their businesses and their brands.

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