How to use the print archive option to organize reports


Have you ever wondered what the ‘Print archive’ option is when selecting a report destination?

Or accidentally printed to the Print archive and not known exactly what or where that is?

If so, this blog is for you!

What is the Print archive?

The Print archive is an archive used to save generated reports to so they can be printed at a later time.  This is useful for long running reports, or any reports, that do not need to be printed immediately or that a user may want to re-print later.

Any user with appropriate permissions can go to the print archive at a later time and reprint the saved report.  Remember when printing from the Print archive, selection criteria does not need to be entered and the report does not need to be re-generated – the Print archive is used to simply print a report that has already be generated.

How to use the Print archive

  1. When printing a report, click on the print ‘Destinations’ button as is normally done to select a report print destination.

Figure 1: Destinations button


  1. Click on the ‘Print archive’ option on the left side of the Destinations dialog. This option will save the generated report only to the Print archive when it has processed.

Figure 2: Destinations button→ Print archive option


  1. You can also choose to print the report and save it to the Print archive. To do this, select your Printer (or Screen/File/E-mail) and also mark the ‘Save in print archive’ checkbox.

Figure 3: Mark the ‘Save in print archive’ checkbox to print the report and save to the Print archive


  1. Click the Ok button.
  1. After the report process and finishes, an Infolog will be received that the report has been saved in the Print archive.

Figure 4: Print archive Infolog


  1. To view all reports sent to the Print archive, navigate Organization administration→ Inquiries→ Print archive.

Figure 5: Print archive form


Click on the Print preview button to preview the report to screen. The report will be displayed in a PDF viewer.  Then print the report.

Click on the Update button to refresh the Print archive form.

    1. To delete any Print archive records no longer needed highlight and click on Alt+F9.

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