5 ways workspaces increases your team’s productivity


Design isn’t always about how something looks, but how it works in practice.

With Dynamics AX’s newest feature, Workspaces, users get the best of both worlds: powerful solutions strengthened by an elegant, intuitive design.

Workspaces replace the long-standing Role Center function in Dynamics AX with a new, clean user interface that is part of the larger revamp Microsoft has taken to its most powerful ERP software.

It’s as much a theory as it is a tool, one centered on giving users one-step access to everything they need rather than putting them through a series of hoops just to begin a task.

The result is a well-designed dashboard space that makes training easier, collaboration simpler, and functionality more instinctive for today’s workers. Here’s how:

With task-specific focus

Maybe the most important shift in the Workspaces feature is the task-specific layout. The layout means users’ dashboards show them only what they need to see and nothing else during a given project.

In essence, it’s a de-cluttering of Dynamics users’ main desktop. It makes clearer the areas of focus their role entails, it increases security by more easily keeping limited-access roles exclusive, and it requires almost no training for users to understand.

By increasing clarity

With Workspaces, users can take advantage of an updated graphical interface that allows multiple sections of AX to be in use simultaneously through a seamless dashboard.

Workspaces make use of Microsoft’s trademark tiles as well. Users can create new tiles and customize their content, even rearranging tiles based on priority, category, or preference.

This tool makes AX feel more like a tablet application than the desktop-hosted software it once was. It also makes multi-tasking a breeze. Users can switch between tasks easily, and also create new windows within the dashboard when new work comes up.

With time-saving filtering

New filtering and view options make the user experience simpler and more productive.

With Workspaces, filtering no longer requires standard query knowledge. This allows new users to sift through data sets with ease in just a few clicks of a mouse upon opening their dashboard.

Updated view features allow users to add, move, or hide fields on a list page easily, and, once a user has created a view that works well, they can easily share it with their entire organization.

Through easier reporting

Workspaces and collaboration wouldn’t be half as useful without reporting integration. Every Workspace is fully compatible with Power BI reports and general electronic reporting. From the dashboard, Power BI can be navigated to easily, groups can have ongoing conversations, and events can be scheduled directly onto members’ calendars.

The integration means that when the data is at the heart of your project, users can plan, discuss and schedule a project around a given report.

With increased collaboration

Workspaces aren’t just for you, they’re for your entire team. Creating a new Workspace offers you the option to add teammates to a tile depending on who needs to be present for a project or task to be completed.

Workspaces can also be made public, where the entire company can view it, or private, where only a selected set of members can view it. On top of that, a Workspace admin can choose who can edit or modify data within a Workspace and who can simply view the data.

Productivity starts at the top. With Workspaces, an intuitive design and simplified customization tools mean every user gets a bird’s eye view of their tasks so their team can collaborate quicker, access documents easier, and work smarter every day.

Get in touch to find out what else Dynamics AX can do to boost productivity and give your team the edge it needs to be on top!

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