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I think that I always had the community bug. Ever since I was 4-5 years old I remember that I always liked to organize our games into groups. In school I made small clubs, like one about growing cactus, which was very popular back then. I made a "club magazine" - a few pages about cactus written on my old type writer and copied by my mom at work. At age 11 I liked to participate in the local chapter meetings of the Nordic Cactus Society, as the only one at my age. My dream at that time was to become a cactus gardener when I grew up.

But I also wanted to change the world we live in, with more than the hard beauty of cactus. I could see that something was very wrong in the world and became a member of the Young Conservatives in my home town and soon became active in the local chapter at 14. What I really loved the most, besides being able to discus politics, was all the organizational work involved. At age 17 I was elected national president of the Conservative Business Students (KHS), a sub fraction of YC for students at the business colleges in Denmark. The part I loved the most was making the magazines. At KHS I was also the editor of the newspaper we published twice a year and handed out on all business colleges in Denmark.

But I didn't become a politician like my fellow YC fraction president for the high school students at the same time Brian Mikkelsen. He has been a member of Folketinget and is a former government member. Instead I started becoming an IT professional and programmer. And started learning Navision, where I again found a new "community". I basically started spending more and more time on IBM Denmark's bulletin board system (BBS), that allowed Navision employees at IBM Partners (who where the only companies selling Navision) to get a mix of online support and help from other partner employees here. You had to use a modem and dial a direct phone line to the server. That was in 1991, before internet really became available.

In 1995 I moved to the United States, together with my ex-wife who had a job transfer. I started working for a local partner, but really missed the BBS with the access to all the people "at home". But even if they would have allowed me in (which they would not, as I was no longer an IBM Denmark partner), then the phone charges would have made it too expensive. So DUG started. The years to come are really, fully documented already. We had our 20 years anniversary in October 2015, where I wrote most of that story.

So why this blog?

Because I love to share. I love to share my views of course, but I also like to help. Over the years, I have gotten so much help from other communities, blogs and websites. I'm sure a lot of the people at Telligent, the company who have developed the software we run our website on since 2006, may be getting a little tired when I'm posting just another question on their community forum. Especially since we upgraded to Telligent Community 9.0 in March 2016, then I have been a daily guest there.

I have learned a lot there and from the many other great Telligent blogs. The Telligent community is still not what it was before 2009. But its getting there, new users every day. Their free version of Telligent Community seems to take off. And I am happy to see it. Because I think what really made the old Community Server great, was the community and the openness.

I am still learning. Although I have been a Navision developer over 25 years, then that's a very different way to developer, then working with Telligent Community. I'm still very much a novice. Whenever I start to think that I understand the Widgets, then I find out that it actually can do even more.

So I expect that you will become able to follow my efforts to use Telligent Community, to create the best user experience for our members here in Dynamics User Group. So maybe a bit of examples on the changes I'm doing to get there. Could be helpful for other new users.

The blog is on the other hand not going to be entirely about Telligent or this website. It may just be general tips for handling your community, which could be applied, no matter what your own community (in a very broad sense) uses as their "platform".


I hope that I may see you again in this blog, when I start getting the "real stories" in here.

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