Unable to Generate Recover Password link of this FORUM.


I Forgot my password and requested for the "Recover password" function but its not generating the password to the e-mail. In my laptop I've saved the password so here I'm able to login automatically but when it comes to open this forum & post it from my personal computer I'm unable to login. I don't know why my password is not working. I request so many times & even i contacted the Help desk number (US number)  Direct: (214) 420-1337 and Toll Free: (877) 522-6334 but its gone in vain. So because of this issue I thought of creating new ID here &  use it but if i leave this issue like this tomorrow some other people will have same problem & down the lane no one wish to participate in this forum.

So, I Request Erik or someone of this forum, who is responsible for maintenance of this to have a look at the problem and resolve it soon.

Sorry to post it like this but i want to see this forum like SAP forum (www.sdn.sap.com). I hope this problem get resolved soon. 

Please help me.