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RSS Feeds

Having a lot of trouble viewing the RSS Feeds. At first I thought it was Thunderbird, but it appears to be the site.

For example, when you go to the NAV End User forum:

and click on the "Get This RSS Feed" at the bottom of the page, it appears to take you to the correct page (the forum id is the same in the URL) but it shows the Beginner's forum.

It doesn't always go to the same place either. I just refreshed the page with the above URL and got a completely different set of forum posts from Exams and Certifications.

Had the same issue on several other forums as well.

I don't know if the below is Thunderbird specific or will help you at all, but it appears that things are not linked correctly:

  <fz:feed RDF:about=";Mode=0"
                   dc:title="Dynamics NAV / Navision - Certification and Training Forum"
    <fz:destFolder RDF:resource="mailbox://nobody@News%20%26%20Blogs/Dynamics%20NAV%20fba29511"/>

The link does not point to 105, but instead 159. Hope you can get it fixed.