Post button didn't work

Hi there,

I tried to reply to a Forum post by writng in the Add comments to this post box at the bottom of the post and hitting the Post button. Nothing happened. I refreshed the page and tried again and still nothing. I then tried to use the Suggest Answer and this brought up a new page that allowed me to Post OK.



  • That happened to me too. IIRC it was using the quick reply box at the bottom that didn't work, so I had to actually click the reply button next to the topic that I was replying to.

    In fact it happened again while replying to this topic Smile

  • I think there is definitely an issue with the drawing of pages some times. For expample if you reply and then hit the quote button, if the page has not finished a redraw, (say you might not see all the icons) then the function does not work properly.

    The worst thing is that unlike most forum software, with community server, you can't hit BACK and recover the text, you need to type it all again. Super Angry

  • Never happened to me here (but on many other sites). Can you tell me which browser you're using and if you're getting any error messages.

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    IE8 for me. There's no error message. You click the 'Post' button, and nothing happens. I tried it just now again, and again it simply doesn't do anything. It doesn't refresh the webpage, it doesn't post anything. It just looks like a button click, but it doesn't do anything.

  • Ok I haven't tried it with IE8, but I did have a lot of issues with IE8 on other sites, that made me stop using it.

    But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't fix it. Not at all!

    I will start use IE8 again to test it my self. But I would love to know if there's any page load errors (shows in the lower left corner of the browser).

  • Fire Fox.

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    I don't usually get any errors. Sometimes I do but that's usually due to my connection and a refresh (F5) usually clears that up.

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    David Singleton

    Fire Fox.

    I'm also using Firefox, but never got that problem. Are you using Version 3.5.1?

  • 3.0.10

  • This is with Firefox 3.0.5, and the "Post a comment/solution" box at the bottom worked

  • Could the other users who are experiencing this error please let me know what browser/version you're using?


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    IE 8. It's funny because normally when you hover over a button that has an action against it, you see the something in the status bar indicating that there is an action against the button, i.e. some javascript, etc. For this button there is nothing. Showing. This would suggest that it is the page being served up and not the browser that is at fault.

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    Hi Erik,

    I'm on IE8 as well and getting the problem which only happened since upgrading. I have also noticed that the active topics screen is behaving differently.  I know the "post since last visit" has been reported as an issue but also if I select try to select a forum and/or "Newer than ?? days" options, it always defaults back to "All forums" and "Show All". Not sure if this is an IE8 issue but have only noticed recently.

  • If anyone could please confirm that it works for you then I would be really happy!

    What I'm talking about is the post button in this form:

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    Nope still doesn't work for me in IE8. This is posted using the "Quick Reply" pop up box, which I am starting to like :)