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Upload avatar, a new picture does not work and errors out.
  • Hi Rashed,

    Can you tell me what this error was? I had to reboot the machine just around that time, so maybe it works again.

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    Oops something went wrong! We are currently unable to serve your request because something just freaked out back here. We apologize, and we truly understand that this error message is annoying because it is ABSOLUTELY of NO help whatsoever that even when admins of dynamicsuser.net sees this, they might not have a clue why it's screwing up either, but regardless, an error occurred and your request could not be completed. This error has been logged, but sometimes these log files are so cryptic that we just don't understand them, to be honest with you. If you have additional information that you believe may have caused this error please report the problem to the Error Report Forum or if you're currently unable to post your questions to the forums then send it to admin@dynamicsuser.net and let us know how you fixed it? Also please write us if you keep getting this error again and again and you haven't fixed it yourself. I was trying to upload a picture.
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    I like that Error Message !!!

    It explains exactly what happened and that we do not have any idea why and how to solve that. !!!!!

    Maybe I will implement that into FIN.STX file to present that as a standard error message maybe for the missing COMMIT ( RUNMODAL) error message.

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    Hi Rashed,

    That's strange! I've just tried to upload a new avatar to my test account and that worked without any problems.

    How big is the file you're trying to upload?
    What browser are you using?

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    I have the same problem, trying to upload a 42kB JPG file.

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    I really don't know what's wrong. I have now tried to create another test user. Uploaded a jpg as the avatar succesful both with Firefox and Internet Explorer and in different sizes (from 30kb to 100kb). No problem at all.

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    As you stated in your Error Message. Big Smile

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    Yes but which browser are you using?

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    The size is 39 KB. I also tried a 10 KB. I've tried both on firefox and IE. Same error.
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    We all need admin rights Yes

  • In reply to Daniel Rimmelzwaan:

    Admin rights would be great yes! Surprise

    But I think I have found the problem. I had to "impersonate" you Rashed, and doing it from the server then I get some error messages which are a little more saying Wink than the normal default site error message. And it told me that there was some permissions errors when you were saving the avatar file.

    After I changed this, then I was able to upload the avatar (I used your profile pic from facebook - please save it if you don't want this!).

    The strange thing is that it worked for some users and not for others, but for all new users...

    Please let me know if it still doesn't work.