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Error with Email from DUG fixed

Somebody have just made me aware that there has been a severe problem sending emails from Dynamics User Group. The problem gave either the "Oops something went wrong! " error while posting (or suggesting answers), or if you have registered a new member account it gave you this message: "An error occurred while attempting to create this user".

Even though you have received this message then both your post has been registered and if you have registered a new account, then the account was created.

If you have created a new account, then it means that you have never received the "Activation email" which contained your password to DUG. To receive the password then please click on the "Sign In" and the select "I forgot my password". Here you must enter the password you used when you created your new account.

I'm very sorry about this error. It was a "simple" programming error, where I had forgot the finish a line in an xml file with </p>