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Website Performance

Hi Eric,

Since the upgrade (a great job I must add) I am having intermittent problems with the site not responding.  While some of these I suspect were teething problems - I have noticed the on my machines it is struggling with the advertising feeds. Is this something other users are encountering or are you aware of any issues.

I'm on Vista and IE 7

Thanks in advance

  • Hi Dave,

    I know. It's actually not since the upgrade. The first week ran with no problems. It's after I last week installed the "Enterprise Search" functionality to Community Server. This is an enterprise version of the normal Search functionality of CS. That means that the search has actually become a lot faster, plus even more important, the new Wikis are not included in the "basic" Search only in the Enterprise Search.

    But the downside is that every since this install then it seams that the servers memory for processor w3wpg.exe keeps filling up, until it's killing all performance on the server. I have just one hour ago been setting the maximum memory limit for the server process. This should prevent it from happening, until the Telligent people comes with a fix for the Enterprise Search program.

    So please let me know if you're still experiencing it.