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Time zone off? I would like the display of posts to reflect the posting date and time that I did my post, regarding my time zone setting of the machine I am actually using?

My date and time now is: July 24, 2007 11:34am GMT+1:00 Berlin, Paris, Rome using daylight saving time.

  • I guess that are still some small issues to solve realted to this new version. Right now the only errors that I have detected are related to posting time and e-mail notifications.



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    Community Server

    Knowledge Base Article

    Posts do not display the correct time



    Users complain the when they make a post to for example the forums that it appears to be x hours behind or in front of the actual time that it was made


    Either the system time zone or the users time zone is incorrectly set


    Check that the system time zone (control panel, administration, settings, date / time settings) is set to the time zone that the sql server is geographically located in.  If possible check that the time zone and actual time on the actual server which is running SQL are correct

    Request that users check that they have set their time zone information correctly (edit profile, site options)


    Community Server (All Versions)


    This is the KB article from the community server site. I have set my time zone, so the time zone setup of "our" DUG server must be wrong?

  • The server was moved to a different time zone and I didn't adjust the settings.

    Please let me know if you have the same issue now.

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    Thx Erik everything looks fine now!

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    Yes, it's solved. Smile