Forgott my password


I have entered 10 times my regular emailadress ( in the appropriate field, because I have forgotten my password. I never received an automatic mail from you to reset it. Now I have logged in with an different alias; not nice, but I saw no chance to receive the procedure to reset the old pwd.

  • Hi Michael,

    it looks like there is aproblem with sending email from the server, this is now the fourth case. (I was the first, so I am sure there is a problem Wink ). Erik does not have a solid interent connection where he is right now, but as soon as he gets back, he will look into it.

    The good news is that Community Server has a user merge function, so he will be able to link the two user id's so you wont lose history.
  • In reply to David Singleton:

    Glad to see I was not the only one with this problem. I was just getting to the point where I was going to give up on this site for it's lack of a working password retrieval system. I decided to create a new login since I have not posted but a few messages under my first logon.  I could not even find an email address that I could address my questions too in an attempt to get help resolving this and getting back on line.  I did not give up since I think this is a valuable site and wanted to stay in touch.  Now I have one account out there that will be abandonded and it seems that in my attempt to get a password emailed to me I tried another email of mine and it looks like it might have keep it because when I tried to resign up with that email it rejected it and told me that it was in use...humm and way 'I'm Back!'

    But please look into this BUG! Not a good image to have...for programmers not to have their own site not work...tonge in cheek...(no offense meant..)


    J. Kilgo

  • In reply to kilgo:

    After the upgrade and server move I have tested it again several times. And the only thing I can see is that it works now.

    Kilgo: Did you create a new login? If yes, then please let me know the old id, then I can merge your two accounts.

    If anyone else is still having this problem, then let me know please.