Unable to log in with my usual browser

Hi, Erik

you may remember that some days ago I told that I was unable to log in to new site. Now I can tell you more. I've ascertained that the log in works finely whit IExplorer and Firefox, but I have also a computer where my default browser is SeaMonkey, an open source browser by Mozilla. With that one the log doesn't work. It's not really a problem, but I thought you might like to know.



  • Hi Anna,
    Yes remember that. Well its the first time I ever hear about SeaMonkey and I've never noticed it in the server logs.
    And since they in this release removed support for some of the older browsers, and SeaMonkey basically being an old release of Firefox (as far as I could see), then it's very likely that it's among the non-supported browsers.

    But thank you for tell me. Besides being unable to log in, does the rest work on this browser?