Which Forum to Post to

Before you post a new topic, think of two things:

Which Forum should I post in, and what title should I use.

 There are four reasons that you should post in the correct forum.

  • 1 - you have a better chance of getting a response, since the right people will be reading.

  • 2 - Your entry becomes a reference for the future, if it is in the correct forum, then it is easy to browse, and to then use Dynamics Users as a training and learning tool.

  • 3 - We have a better idea of what your are trying to achive. So if you post in the Developer Forum, then the assumption is that you have already exhausted all options of doing it with Standard Funcitonality, and now need help with thecoding part. If you post to the beginers forum, we assume you are new to that functionality, and require a more detailed response. If you post to the End User forum, we assume you know what you are doing, you know Navision pretty well, but have a n issue that needs a bit of help, and don't want a code solution..
  • 4 - It makes life easy for moderators. Each orum has its Moderators, and we look after out own Forums. Make our life easier by posting where it will be looked at by the rigth Moderator.

I am going out on a limb here, and will try to define my understanding of where things should be posted. I am only commenting on the forums where many incorrect postings occur, and only the ones I know about, Axapta and GP members please feel free to add to the list.

  • Break Space - just fun, I think we are all fine with this one.

  • Implementation Methods - Do you need help implemention Navision, or do you want to suggest ways that MBS products may be implemented more successfully, this is the place.

  • MOD Add-On Forum (W/O Code) - There are two of these, but this is the one used the most, it is for new ideas, or requirements that could be done with an add-on product. DO NOT post about existing add-ons or solutions, this if for ideas.

  • Open Business Subject - a serious version of break space.

  • Public Announcement - This is the almost advertising forum. Use it where you have something to anounce (product or service) that will benefit the MBS comunity. If it is too comercial or not of benefit, it will be removed, so please don't be shy ... if you've got it flaunt it.

  • Report Errors on THIS WEBSITE - this means an error using this website, not Navision errors.

  • Sales & Pre Sales Forum - This is not the I hate Navision forum that many use it for. Post here if you need specific help to make a sale, or tips and hints on how to get into a specific industry etc. It should also be used to discuss which of the products is better suited to a specific client.

  • Nav Beginers Forum - If you are new tot his forum and are not sure where to post a NAvsion question, post it here, and I will move it to the correct forum.
  • Nav  - Developer Forum - of the 42k postings, over 18k were to this one forum, (44%). The questions posted here should be made by a developer, or anyone that wants to develop. Don't use this forum to post about errors in standard code, but do post questions about standard code that you don't understand. The main piurpose for the forum, is when you are trying to write code, or create a form report etc, and it just won't do what you want it to do. Please make sure that if you enter code snippets, to enter the code in [ code] ... [ /code] tags, so that it is readable. Please also some back ground on what you are trying to achieve, NOT how but what, it is most likely that if it cant be done one way, it may have a different solution.

  • Nav - End User Questions - These are questions related to either the us of the out of the box product, or questions on how you could solve a particular issue.

  • Nav - Known Issues - This is only for issues with the product, not issues with how you want the product to work, and definitely not about VB functions that don't exist in Navision.

  • Nav - Tips & Tricks - If you found a neat way to solve a problem, post it here to helpothers. This is one of the few areas where you don't normally ask a direct question.

  • Nav - Technical Forum - Not c/side code, put that in the developer forum. This is everythng to do with servers, installation on different OSs, harware recomendations etc.
  • NAV Supply Chain Management - This forum is for quesitons about Manufacturing, Warehouse, Shipping etc. Its about the internal movement of goods and materials in the company.

  • Nav MOD Add-On Forum (W/Code) - This is where you post about existing Add-Ons, those that are already selling out there. It could be issues you have with an add-on you have, or comments and questions about an add=on you plan to buy. It is not for questions about if an add-on exists, there is another forum for that.

  • Local Versions - These forums have two purposes (only 2) - 1/ where you can not express the question in English and you need to use your native language, 2/ you have a specific question related to either your country, or your specific Local version. If you do speak English, then please try to post in one of the English forums, you will get many more replies that way. I have installed Navision in 13 or so countries, and payroll and bank transfers are the only thing that is different (tax is either VAT or sales tax and is the same every where). In terms of sales, there is no difference selling in different countries, except the amount of money people expect to pay. I think it is reasonable to post the same topic twice if it is in English in one, and your Native language in the other.

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Note this was taken from MBSOnline so may not apply exactly here.