Wnat to join AX Microsoft Dynamics Freelancers

How can I join this group on this site.

As I already applied for this group but yet I did not get any response from the moderator of this group.

Can you suggest me what I have to do to join the Microsoft Dynamics Freelancers group.

Presently I am planning to become a freelancer in this field.

Waiting for positive reply......

Thanks in Advance.



Janak Talekar

  • Hi,

    I am having the same problem, can help anyone?

  • In reply to Kestutis:

    Did the both of you read the conditions for becoming a member:

    To become a member you must be recommended by other members of the group and approved by the group managers.

    So if you're a new member of Dynamics User Group (DUG) and want to become a member, then you should first post an introduction in the Introduction forum. And if you show that you're an active and knowledgeable resource, then you will quickly be noticed. Always remember to both write in your profile (Bios) and your signature that you're a Dynamics freelancer.

    Sometimes new members are not accepted or denied right away. I usually leave them waiting for a while, if they have not been recommended by someone else first. Then i check that their status clearly states that they are a freelancer.