The rise of AX?

Hi Erik

Can you get posting trends by forum in the statistics.

There has been an obvious rise in AX questions in the past "x" months and I was wondering if your statistics could tell us how this had grown from the perspective of this user group!



  • Hi,

    You are absolutely right, the number of AX questions have grown a lot over the last 3-4 months especially. And I would love to have a more precise statistics for this.But this is an area where Community Server is not really so good, unless you are running their extended reporting package, which we're not. So maybe I should start "playing" a little with the SQL database to try to calculate this. As far as what I can see, then we are basically getting more new AX questions, than NAV questions. And this is the first time in our 15 year history that this is happening.

    I have also asked why this sudden change is happening now. Is it because there has been a huge increase in the number of AX customers and consultants? Or did the AX people previously ask their questions in other forums, which maybe have changed to the worse (just like when we had huge problems here on this website with downtime and performance in 2006-2007)?

    Or is it maybe because I have done a lot of (behind the scene) work to improve how we rank when people search for AX in Google (aka search engine optimization/SEO)?

    Because whenever you don't see me make a lot of posts (or uploading AX documentation etc.), then it typically doesn't mean that I'm not working on the website, but that I'm doing other things such as SEO work.

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    My feeling is that AX is growing so he inexperienced AX consultant is growing and this is happening in some of the merging markets more inclined to train through web based forums rather than structured training.

    Nevermind, if it is not easy do not do it, it was simply a pure interest question!!