Microsoft Offical courseware materials


i pay MCT mebership every year to have the right to download Microsoft offical courseware such as Dynamics Ax 2009 DEV IV 80014A_AX2009_ENUS_DEVIV.

am i the only stupid guy who is doing that? sicne these courses are available here in the download section for free ?

  • Just because they are here for download doesn't mean you should be allowed to download them.

  • Romeo,

    Courseware materials available for MCTs (with "teacher's" notes and all) should not be here in Downloads - if someone again has managed to upload them, I'll report to Erik and he will remove such ASAP, as it is copyrighted material. From time to time it happens, that somebody uploads something copyrighted, but admins monitor Download section and members behaving so risk to be banned from site immediately.

    What we CAN have there, are publically available materials, as manuals from install DVD, Whitepapers/Factsheets from MS site and like.