Recursive function

Dear All,

   An error message pop up when I scanned the barcode (for example, 2888001420021) of soft drink at the POS. The message are:

      "There is insufficient memory (stack) to execute this function.

       This can be due to the way that recursive function calls are used in the program. Contact your system manager if you need assistance."

  How to resolve this kind of problem? Please advise...



Thanks & Regards,

     Jason On

  • Hi Jason,

    Welcome to the user group. Please read the guide line about where to post, so that you post in the correct forum. In the Membership Question forum is only for questions regarding our membership of the Dynamics User Group. And when you post a question, then it would really help if you write what product you're having a problem with.

    I have locked this thread, but you're welcome to post it again. In the right product forum.