Many Thanks

Although I was not the one to port the question, the answers helped me to some places where I can go and learn a little of the developers jargon.

Many thanks

  • Hi Nelson,

    Welcome to the user group and on behalf of the members who helped: Thank you.

    A way that you can say that the answers helped you (even if you didn't post the questions) is to rate the questions and answers that helped you - it's very easy - just click on number of stars.

    And if you should have some questions that are unanswered, then don't be afraid to ask them.


  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    Thank you Eric

    Allright I will start using the rate function. I am still learning how to navigate the Forum. For now and since I am a beginner functional, I will be mostly on the "receiving end". And why not, learning how to post questions!

    I tried to delete the post when I saw that it had started a new thread, but for what I see I wasnt able to quite "catch it".

    All the Best