Convergence EMEA 2009: Informal DUG meeting but where?

In the other thread about the four city Convergence EMEA 2009, we talked about having an informal DUG network meeting either on the night before or after the conference.

  • Hi Erik,

    I would vote for London (but the options are not enabled - another IE8 problem?) as it's the easiest to get to but Rotterdam sound good as well - so does that put me in the "I don't care, Ill be there category" Big Smile

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    Not IE8 only - FF (351) does'nt show options, too...

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    The poll still doesn't work -- and seemingly for  everybody, doesn't matter what browser used (FF 3.5.1 in my case) -- as only (yours?) initial vote sits there...

    And - maybe remove the "I don't care..." option, as if many people vote for it, we will be in the same situation, as without any polling at all, but the whole idea was about making if not decision, then at least some consensus where to go...

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    Modris Ivans
    Erik; The poll still doesn't work.........

    Erik, I understand you had more serious problems to solve lately, but what about the poll? September 1st is approaching...

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    Hi Guys,

    I have decided on the London venue. Anyone going to Convergence in London and what to meet up?

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    I was aiming towards Rotterdam - but unfortunately my lameness (in literal meaning of this word, not as used by computer geeks Wink ) will still be too big... Crying

    Haven't got rid of crutches yet - doctors promise only in a fortnight or so, looks like I'll miss the event...

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    Hi Modris,

    Sorry to hear it - it show how must we take for granted

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    I would vote for Vienna


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    Unless I very fast get another project (the one I had planned on doing for the rest of the year, was cancelled two days ago) then I don't have the money for participating in any of the shows.

    But otherwise I would have preferred Rotterdam, but that collides with the weekend where I have my children, so Vienna is number two on my preferred list.

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    Any news?

    London is over, Vienna just going on, other two will be next week...