Which Forum To Post To?

There are four reasons that you should post in the correct forum.

  1. You have a better chance of getting a response, since the right people will be reading.
  2. Your entry becomes a reference for the future, if it is in the correct forum, then it is easy to browse, and to then use Dynamics Users as a training and learning tool.
  3. We have a better idea of what your are trying to achieve.
    • So if you post in the Developer Forum, then the assumption is that you have already exhausted all options of doing it with Standard Functionality, and now need help with the coding part.
    • If you post to the End User forum, we assume you know what you are doing, you know Dynamics pretty well, but have an issue that needs a bit of help, and don't want a code solution..
  4. It makes life easy for moderators. Each forum has its Moderators, and we look after out own Forums. Make our life easier by posting where it will be looked at by the right Moderator. This way you often will have a much quicker answer if you post it to the right forum from the beginning.

The list of forums you get when you click on the Forums button in the main navigation is ordered in groups with the individual forums under it. First you find the groups for the main products:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP / Great Plains
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Other Products : Other Dynamics and older Navision/Damgaard products

The first four "product groups" are all ordered basically the same:

  • End User Questions
    These forums are for questions from End-Users and Implementation Consultants about how to use the Microsoft Dynamics application. Typically questions like "How to do?", "Can I do?", "Where do I do?" or "Why do I get this error?".
  • Developer Forum
    These forums are primary for Dynamics developers or anyone that wants to develop. The main purpose for the forum, is when you are trying to write code, or create a form report etc, and it just won't do what you want it to do. Please make sure that if you enter code snippets, to enter the code in [ code] ... [ /code] tags, so that it is readable. Please also some back ground on what you are trying to achieve, NOT how but what, it is most likely that if it cant be done one way, it may have a different solution.
  • Technical Forum
    These forums are about all the "technical stuff". About installations of clients and servers, setup of databases, performance issues, security and licensing.

And no matter where you post, always remember to tag your question with the product your questions is about.

International Forums

For Italy, Germany, India, France, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, "Arabia", Rusia, China, USA and the Czech Republic a "local" forum exists.

These forums have two purposes:

  1. Where you can not express the question in English and you need to use your native language
  2. You have a specific question related to either your country, or your specific Local version.

If you do speak and write English, then please try to post in one of the English forums, you will get many more replies that way. I have installed Navision in 13 or so countries, and payroll and bank transfers are the only thing that is different (tax is either VAT or sales tax and is the same every where). In terms of sales, there is no difference selling in different countries, except the amount of money people expect to pay. I think it is reasonable to post the same topic twice if it is in English in one, and your Native language in the other.

Community Corner Forums

  • Break Space
    Have a break - have a posting! The topic in this fora is completely open except for "you know what". Post a good joke or other "point less" topics".
  • Everything Else
    Here you can ask about everything, and it doesn't have to be related to the Dynamics products.
    So if you want to ask the other users what hardware brand you should choose, what eCommerce system you should select, how to change a har- drive in a laptop or whatever, then do it here.
  • Web Site Debate
    Debate and alike between the webmaster and members with suggestions and wishes regarding this web site. So if you have a suggestion or question to the webmaster, then post it here.

Other forums

  • Report Errors on THIS WEBSITE
    Please report errors regarding this website and these forums.That means do not write posts about errors in Dynamics here.

Search - Search and Search

Just a reminder. Before you post anything, please use search first.