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Hi I'm a NAV Developer. I will go to Australia for language school. I want to work on NAV during that time in Australia . Can I find a job in Australia? What's my chance about it.

  • Aren't anyone able to help Sysphus?

  • Are you on Linked In?  If not,  I suggest you join , and then Join all Groups for NAV or Dynamics consulting.  They post jobs all the time.  I just searched Dynamics NAV Australia and there were 9 positions in my network... and I'm in the US.  You may be able to search Jobs on that site even if you are not a member, but I don't know for sure.  It's free to join.  Here is an example:


    Navision / NAV Programmer
    Navision / NAV 4.0, C/AL, C-Side, SQL, Alpha Landsteiner / K3 Retail, Business Intelligence, Targit, MS Business Analytics, Navision WMS, Navision NAS, Landsteiner Data Director
  • Experience supporting / implementing Navision ( client is on NAV 4.0 )
  • C/AL, C-Side ( Certified Navision Developer )
  • Experience with a variety of development methodologies is preferred (i.e. .Net, VB, SQL, etc*)
  • Strong SQL development and database management skills
  • Understanding of data relational models

  • Experience supporting / implementing the Alpha Landsteiner ( now K3 ) Retail Navision solution
  • Experience with Business Intelligence concepts and systems
  • A strong emphasis on object-oriented design and implementation
  • Experience with Targit and/or Microsoft Business Analytics / MS Business Analytics a strong plus
  • Navision Warehouse Management System ( WMS )
  • Navision Application Scheduler ( NAS )
  • Landsteiner Data Director
  • SSRS reports
  • Bachelors degree


    Candidates living outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area are encouraged to apply!

    This project won a Microsoft *Customer Excellence Award." It is a dynamic and ground breaking project and an excellent opportunity.

    Develop and support the Business Intelligence aspects of the roll out of an international Microsoft Dynamics Navision System ( EuroNAV ) supporting business in Europe, Australia and Canada. NO travel is required (see below). This system is heavily customized in NAV 4.0.

    The key skill set is configuring, implementing, developing and/or supporting a Microsoft Navision environment

    Assume responsibility for the administration, documentation, support and troubleshooting of the current and future systems.
  • Configuration, documentation and support of all current and future Navision Data Warehouse, SSIS packages and SSRS reports
  • Make suggestions to management, based on current and emerging technologies, on methods to reduce costs, improve performance and availability, and reduce administration time for the Navision systems
  • Research, test, and apply all applicable patches
  • Learn and support the existing platforms and understand corporate development methodologies & technologies
  • Follow basic software implementation lifecycle concepts
  • Apply Business Intelligence concepts and technologies

    There will be an on call rotation where you will be on call perhaps 1 week in 5. However, the on call support is Tier 2 and pretty much only for the batch cycle which executes from around 5PM US CST to 10PM so it*s not *middle of the night* type of on call support. There is a team in Europe on Tier 1 support and the team in Grapevine will focus on product development.

    THERE ARE THREE POSITIONS OPEN. Therefore, CHOOSE TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE OR STAY AT HOME (there are requirements analysts bringing the information back to Grapevine):
    You can keep the travel to nil if that is your desire. However, if you view travel to Europe as attractive then there will be opportunities for travel to Malmo, Sweden (just across the bridge from Copenhagen, Denmark); Memmingen, Germany (Bavaria * southern Germany in the German Alps * about 90 minutes from Munich and the same distance from Zurich, Switzerland); Didcot, UK (45 minute train ride from London); Valencia, Spain and Milan, Italy. In 2009 you*ll hit Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia and Brampton, Canada (outside Toronto). The trips would generally be 1 week but sometimes you will have enough work to do that it could be as long as 2 weeks. But, the travel is up to you. Certainly if you are interested in more travel then we can use your expertise on the Implementation Team. Right now, our client is working with Microsoft to establish an Implementation Team using Microsoft Germany and Microsoft Partner relationships in Europe. But, for anyone interested in being on the Implementation Team and *seeing Europe in 2008* certainly that option is there. These positions; however, are Product Development positions in Grapevine.

    KEY SKILLS: Navision, NAV, C-Side, SQL, TARGIT, MS Business Analytics, Business Intelligence
14800 Quorum Dr
Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75254
Phone: (214) 615-2600


  • I just noticed, there is also a Jobs forum here, with plenty of Australia listings.  Has the OP already exhausted all these choices?

  • I think that a visa will be the key issue. In the current economic environment its going to be difficult to get someone to sponsor you. But if your study visa allows you to work then you should be OK. In my experience I have seen it difficult for people to find jobs remotely, but once you get there you may have more luck.

  • Thanks for suggestions. I will join Linkedln and yes my study visa allows me to work 25 hours per week. I want to develope my NAV skills in different situations.

  • happy to take a look at your CV

    I recruit for lots of NAV jobs in Australia

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