Can someone explain DAX to me?

  • Well, an extensive explanation should be this one:

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    That is good but does not define it technically.  Is it used in a technical term now as well? 

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    I have seen someone use this as a short for Dynamics AX. Is that what you're looking for? Or exactly why do you ask about DAX in the Dynamics User Group?

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    YES!  It has to do with a job that I am having candidates interview for in Dynamics.  What is the Dynamics AX.

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    Hi Barbara,

    Microsoft's own description is here:

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is a comprehensive business management solution for mid-sized and larger organizations that works like and with familiar Microsoft software to help your people improve productivity. Microsoft Dynamics AX is built to make it easy to do business across locations and countries by consolidating and standardizing processes, providing visibility across your organization, and help in simplifying compliance. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can be confident your business management solution is, and will continue to be, relevant to the needs of your people and the demands of your industry and business.

    If you try to search for Dynamics AX, or just use the Dynamics AX tag: http://dynamicsuser.net/tags/dynamics+ax/default.aspx - then you'll get a little more than 1000 posts about this. If you need more then let's know, but please ask in the Dynamics AX forums. Thanks.