Poll: When will you start with NAV 2009?

Are you working for a MS Partner and have you already started working with NAV 2009? Or are you working for an end-user and did your company already upgrade to NAV 2009 (or start the project)? Or when do you think that will happen?

  • I think this is a very interesting question. In my position I work in recovering bad implementations, so its a bit early for people to be coming to me yet for 2009. In general though I get a lot of these questions. I guess you are talking more about upgrades than new installs, since the new installs I think it makes sense to go to 2009. But upgrades.

    I think there are a lot of different feelings out there. Get in now, wait for SP1, what will be in 2011 etc. But in reality the decision needs to come down to ROI, what benefit is there for a company to upgrade compared to staying where they are. I am generally recommending companies to hang out for SP1 if they can, but if they need to get off their current platform, and they paln to stay with Classic Client (at least in the short term) then there is no problem moving to 2009.