What book should i buy pls!

hi, i'm new to microsoft dynamics, no experience before i'm still a student,,, and i was assignmed for this job that in 4 weeks i have to make a case study in building a fiticious company with Microsoft dynamics 5.0,  can you suggest a good book  or from can i get infmration(already have the manuals, and the link of dynamics fact sheets and white sheets but tneir not 100% useful in  building a system so that i'lll be able to do this assignment pls.........


  • introduction to microsoft dynamics NAV course NO: 8601A_NA50_ENUS_INT

  • This is not a tought task to do just import Demo Data for, Dynamics Ax 5.0, From internet, And you can find the documentation and description for that. Like how they created the company . You can use that information and setup your own company.

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    I'm using Microsoft NAV 5.0 does the mentioned documentation will apply for my sytem...? cos i haven't gone through what  Dynamics AX5.0 does!

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    I think what you're looking for is "Introduction to NAV", "Application Setup in NAV", "Finance in NAV", "Inventory Management" and "Trade in NAV". Those should give you what you need. Start with the introduction and the application setup.