Membership Questions


 Not been on DUG for a while.

Thought I would check back in, and in particular my Fav Forum "Membership Questions"

I love the fact 99% of the posts in there are Product Specific questions.

I'm asking this is in the nicest possible way, do people just ignore the "No Product Specific Question" Part, or do they not actually understand where to post their question? 


  • Tony,

    Yes cleaning up here in the "Membership Question" forum is actually one of the biggest task on this website *LOL*.

    I think that the fact that we have so many specific topic forums that it sometimes get too confusing for new members to find out where to post their question, so they just post it here. And to me no harm done. Whenever I'm moving a post, the poster gets an email which tells them that their posts has been moved and to what forum.

    So I'll like to ask you all this question:

    Do we have too many forums here on and should we have just one or two per product?

    Please just reply with your opinion to this post. We like to hear from everybody.


  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    My entry point into DUG is the recent post list, and I just reply to the questions in there, never paying attention to where the question is posted. I only go to the forum list when I want to post a question myself, and I do have to admit that due to the large number of forums it is sometimes difficult to decide where to post the question.

  • In reply to Daniel Rimmelzwaan:

    I personally prefer the forums split, it should make it easier to post a question direct to your audience, but I am the same as Daniel, same entry point and pay little attention to the forum, except when moving an obviouly incorrectly posted question.

  • I believe that removing so many headings/ category will be better, as many new users will be confused in choosing the category/ group while posting their queries...