Recruitment Consultant in UK

Chris Merchant of IT Connect is a f. bastered consultant i have ever come across in my life. Everyday he rings me for a job and i have said many times that i am not looking and now he has started calling at my home. Every time he ask where are you working which NSC,who is your boss, give me ur details otherwise i will keep calling you
I am fad-up with this guy [:(!]

  • Ajay,
    Even though I can recognize your description, then I'm having difficulties accepting the language of you topic. My personally experience with this guy is almost the same. Both as from when I worked as a freelancer, and now when I'm working on the "other side" - hiring programmers. So far Chris has only shown to be hot air and a lot of enthusiasme, that sometimes is getting just too much. I also get feed up with him at one point, and told him not to contact me, I would contact him. When he finally did, he promissed me 3 resumes/CV's in two days. Now 6 months later, I've not yet seen anything!

    Instead of only looking negativly here, I would like to know: What is the best recruitment consultant in the MBS world?
  • Personally I am glad that my reputation is allowed to be damaged in this way. If you wish to libel me further please get your facts straight.

    Ajay, stop replying to my adverts if you do not wish me to call you. Ajay when I arranged an interview for you with a Solution Centre in England and gave your four days notice in order to arrange the trip, why was it when I rang you 20 minutes after the interview should have started you informed you would not be going?? The reason I ask who you are working for is your present CV is not the same as your last CV and I would like to know why the dates have changed, this I think is fair enough.

    Erik, given you run this forum it is difficult to go against you, but my records show I sent two CV's to you a day after we talked and you have not yet responded, I am happy to resend you the original e-mail I sent you if that will help clear things up.

    I am not looking for people to decide whether I am the best or the worst recruitment consultant, but the fact remains I employed more people in the MBS channel last year than any other agent, and brought more people into the channel than anybody else. I am also the only agent used by MBS on four continents. And finally as far as I am aware I am the only agent that has sold both Navision and Axapta as a product.
  • I think Rob Watchman from Conspic is a good consultant, i never had any problem with him, he is always nice with me.

    Chris you are really a stupid guy, you are still calling me since morning and i am very busy in the office. why do you want to know where i am working, I told you many times i do not need your help, I am not looking for any job and i have not send you my cv in the last 3-4 months
    so just stop calling me otherwise I will have to take some action, I am really fad-up with you.

  • Ajay,

    Sorry Ajay but I have not called you yet today, but please see below and explain why I am stupid. As I am clearly stupid I cannot see it myself but I am fairly sure the date is yesterday.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Ajay Jain]
    Sent: 10 August 2004 15:45
    Subject: CV - Navision / VB/ ASP

    >I am looking for a job as a Navision Developer
    >I have 2+ years of experience on Navision with a total of 5 years in
    >IT, I am Navision Certified and currently working with a Navision
    >Solution Centre in UK. I have an accounting and manufacturing
    >background. Please find attached my cv for your reference.
    >hope to hear soon from you.
    >Ajay Jain
    >(Development -Navision)
    >Integrated Technology Pvt.Ltd.
    >Tel: 078 177 13540
  • Ajay,

    You are absolutly right, he upset me a lot as well, Well i have a list of all NSC, I am going to email to every NSC about this Person.

    Chris, Now you get lost from Navision World.

  • Erik, I am sorry for my abusive language but this person is really annoying me a lot
    just because of this person I have to keep my mobile switched off.

    dave, definetely he is going to ring you for NSC list
    he called me long time ago in case i have NSC list or Partner network
    site password
    you can see his professionalism, if my employer or my seniors are on this site
    then what will be my reputation in this company
  • Erik,

    In answer to your question, who is the best Navision recruitment consultant, I haven't dealt with Rob Watchman at Conspicuous personally, but I can recommend his colleague Madeline Weightman.

    Madeline did a very good job looking for a new job for me a few years ago. She kept me informed, but did not call unnecessarily and came up with some interesting options. Having talked to my current employers since, I think they feel that Madeline does a good job for them too from "their side of the fence".

  • Ajay,

    I am now getting tired of this, I have no idea why you have decided to take against me in this way. I have NEVER asked you for a NSC list or a Partner network site password. Stop making things up in an attempt to try and damage my reputation. I can accept any constructive critiscm but malicious lies just for the sake of it are starting to wear very thin indeed.

    Dave, do you really exist, I only ask because MBS have agreed that there is not a single Dave Roberston in the channel??

    If anyone agress with Ajay that I should NOT ring him after he sends me his CV which seems to be his main point in why I am bad recruitment consultant please feel free to join in this debate.
  • To Ajay Jain/Dave Robertson:
    Having read your topics and having talked to Chris on the phone, then I started looking down into the website logs. This confirmed the suspicion I had. Not only did the log show that you both log in with the same IP no. but the hidden email of Dave R' also showed his real name to be Ajay and working for Integrated Technology (same as Dave's!)...

    Ajay Jain and Dave Robertson are the one and same person

    This of cause put this topic in a different perspective!!!!!

    So who is really lying here? And what is Ajay's real agenda?

    To Chris:
    - Thank you for the resumes.
    Although the fact that you've now sent me the two resumes, does not prove that you actually sent it to me when you claims, and that I can't find them in any of my mailboxes (and I never deletes mail), then you could have been right. So my applogies on this.
    I still think you were a pain (until I got hard and said STOP) and that you stepped over what I find acceptable in terms of enthusiasme (salesmanship?).
  • Now my company is aware about this topic and they agree with me I do not want to say what did they
    say about chris or what are their opinions.

    Eric, Can you please remove this topic, this is enough for him, I hope he will not distrub me again
    Obviously I do not wanted to insult him but this was the only way to stop him and I hope it will help to others as well if someone else is getting disturbed