What does Post Rank mean?

 In our profile, we have a post rank.  What does it indicate?  How does it change?

  •  It tells you where you rank iin posting, by number of posts. But its doin an actual count of the number of ranks, not the numebr of people with more posts than you.

    In your profile http://dynamicsuser.net/members/girish.joshi.aspx you see this data on the right.

    And if you look at the All Memebers list formthe Forums page  and fidn the page where you are http://dynamicsuser.net/user/Members.aspx?search=1&t=&se=1&su=1&s=Approved&sb=4&so=1   you will see that there are four users with 54 posts, the same numebr fo posts that you have, so they have the same rank (128) as  you.


    So for example, there are  267 members that have posted more than you on the Dynamics User Group. (there are 13 pages of 20 = 230 before you + 7th on this page) but if we categorized the numebr of members in each posting rank an counted them thats where you are.


    So this give you an idea of where you position against other poster.


    BUT having said that, note that the # of posts is really not an acurate measure of your contribution to the site, the point system is  much better, since it countsrating that other users give you, it also counts uploads and blogs etc.For example look at a poster like Nuno Maia, you can see I have about 5 times as many posts as him, yet only double the number of "Points", this is because he does so much work you don't see, like managing downloads, etc, which is very valuable.


    Hope this helps.


    BTW I think a lot of people don't know about the member list screen and ranking, it can be found here:http://dynamicsuser.net/user/Members.aspx?search=1&t=&se=1&su=1&s=Approved&sb=4&so=1

    Aklso a quic quesiton to Erick, is there anyway we can sort that list by Points as well as # of posts.


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     Thank you!

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    very helpful David... thanks

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    Did Erick ever get back to you?  Is there a way to sort by Points?