Why NOLOG was away?

Not that we really where away - just a little, but here is what happened to NOLUG.

Back in the old days in 1995 I got my first ISP account with access to my own web pages. So I created a personal page with hobbies etc. a page on my home town (Middelfart in Denmark) and a page about Navision, which at that point of time had no presence on the Internet at all. The domain name www.navision.com was used by a company called "The Navigators" (funny if you know Navision's old name in Denmark) in California that had nothing to do with Navision.

At one point in late 1995 I talked to my local ISP (Openix in New Jersey) if they could host a mailing list. Because I had refered serveral customers to them, the guy in charge said yes.

So the web site, which name was changed to www.navision.net and the mailing list, grew and grew. And both the mailing list and the web site took a lot of time to update and maintain. Just the links page took 10 - 20 minutes a day. And the list maintainance took another 10 to 20 minutes a day. It doesn't sound like much, but if took a vaction the result was offen that the list went down. But I did it as long as I had the time.

After I returned to Denmark suddenly Openix stopped the list server in 1998 without any warning at all. And I could not contact them neither by phone or email.

So we needed a new ISP, but in order to build the next step (a site similar to this site) we needed a dedicated web server. So when I talked to Navision Software we made a deal. They would get the rights to the domain name navision.net (to prevent it from beeing misused), but they would host and pay our server.
So that we did.

The site one www.navision.net right now is only a temporary site that was intended only to run until we had the new site up and running. That was planned last summer, but due to a lot of problems and work, it's still not done. And although the basics work, it's not stable enough and there is still a lot of work on the other areas.

What I think we need to this site is:
- Ability to follow a tread or forum by email
- Ability to post (including updating and removing) job offers
- Ability to post (incl. update/remove) Navision links
- Online Chat

Best regards,
Erik P. Ernst
Navision Online User Group