Update field in a table

 hi, sorry.. can you suggest a code to read a field from a temp table and write (update) this value in a sales header field where "no." is equal to the "no." in temp table? thanks in advance

  • Dear Simone,

    First a welcome as a member of the user group. Second, then it would be very good if you write in the specific forum for the product you're using. Also it is always good to write what product and version you're using.

    Based on what you write, then I would think it's Dynamics NAV - but as I don't know the other system, then I don't really know which one it is...

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     thanks Erik, you have reason, I'm posting my question in navision beginners forum. I' have just installed Dynamics Nav 4 on 2003 Server at work and I need start with some customize. Thanks to all. I'm write from Italy.

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    Thank you Simone,

    I will lock this thread and let people reply to the other one. Also please notice that we have a very active Italian forum here, thanks to the moderator Anna. But you're actually doing right posting your question here in the Beginners forum, as it is a very general question, not specific for Italians.