About Navision Performance

Dear all,

My Navision version is 3.6. I have the question for the Navision performance.

The user report Navision application too slow, so I set the counter to monitor server performance...(check object is recommendation from doc. "Tuning Navision for better performance")

I found the object doesn't met the best values, the details...

1) Physical disk / Avg. disk read queue length : server value is 47 but the best value is <2

2) System / Context Switches/sec : server value is keep 17000~23000 but the best value is <8000

Is these two object problem for this case? and how to tuning? Anybody help me?

Thank you so much!

Server details:

- Server IBM X3650 Dual Xeon CPU


- Array 0 | RAID mirror for SQL Log, OS : WinSrv 2003, and MS SQL Server 2000 Std.

- Array 1 | RAID 5 for Data 70GB