Robbed and lost all my contacts from Tech ED Convergence and MVP days

I know that many people don't see the front page and blogs, so sorry for cross posting here.

Basically after returning from Tech Ed Barcelona, I was robbed, and amoungst everything, I have lost all the contacts that I made in Moscow at the MVP open days, Munich at Convergence, and in Barcelona at Tech ED IT.

So if you met me at one of those places, and I had your contact, I have certainly now lost it. Also if I sent you an email or you sent me an email since about the end of August, then I have probably lost it. Please if we met, could you please contact me either through a PM here, or email me at or . Obviously over three major events you collect a lot of contact information, and there is no way I can remember the names and email addresses of those I met.

Thanks to all.