Are you new at - but old member from

We have now been online with for more than 6 months. And almost 2000 users has signed up in this period. Many are old members from first Navision Online User Group ( or from Microsoft Business Solutions User Group ( And many are new users.

And you are all equally welcomed here!

If you had a login on the old sites, then you will still have to create a new login, as we have not merged the users from the old site. Later we will move member database over, but only to server as a placeholder for old postings (who also will be converted over later). This way you will later get reference for your old posts. (all old members have been converted)

New visitors of cause should also make the little effort it is to sign up. This way you can better keep track of what posts you have seen, you will be able to reply to posts and you will be able to download.

Please read this post to get some tips on creating your user account.

As with the old site, I will give you the advise: Please always use the search function, before you ask a new question. Our members like to help other users, but it's very annoying to keep answering the same question again and again. You find the seach function in the top of all screens.

PS: Several members has asked how to search the entries of the old site. Just click here: (now all posts are searchable)