Problems logging in or accessing pages on DUG?

Dear members,

Over the last week I have worked hard trying to solve the problems causing the site to recycle 5-10 times per hour (ann error Microsoft told me years ago could not be resolved unless changing some of the code which I do not have access to unless I pay to upgrade the platform = very expensive!). And it actually looks like it has been resolved. We're still getting errors, but the site doesn't recycle anymore. And that's very good news!

But it looks like a caused effect is that many users have problems when logging into the site, or even accessing information on the site. And you may even see the problems if you're not logged in.

The problems can be solved by clearing the browser cookies. Or try logging in with a different browser to verify (one you didn't use for browsing DUG) that clearing it will solve it.

If you're still having problems, please let me know. Email: webmaster at our domain name.

I'm very sorry about the inconvenience, but it will hopefully mean that most the performance problems we had for the last 3 years are mostly resolved. Smile

  • The status is right now, that I had to revoke some of the changes I did. That has caused the original error to get back, but hopefully it's now easier to log in.


    So while existing users now should be able to login, then it's currently not possible to register new accounts!

    That' means that I'm continuing my quest to make the errors on the website disappear!

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