Site layout adjustments

Did you even notice it? The site looks a little different today?

Last time the site received any major updates was in 2012-13, when I changed the fonts and look a little to be a little more modern, than it was. Before that it was back to 2009. And the site is not really the same today, so an update was needed. Especially since in just 10 days, we can celebrate 20 years anniversary. I started the site early October 1995.

Front pages and group pages (AX, NAV, CRM, GP, Community)

I removed the first column, leaving much more space for what it's really about: Forum and blog posts. The weekly leaderboard has been moved to the right side bar and a few of the lesser used widgets removed (jobs, wikis). And then the profile picture of the person asking the question is displayed together with the post listing. Still trying to get the picture of the last replier to be visible as well.

Forum pages

Added the profile picture of the person opening the question here too.

The content of left information side bars has been changed in most places. If there is anything you would like to see here too, then please let me know.

The site layout, especially the front, group and forum pages.

Merging forums

I also merged a lot of old sub forums into the main forums. But I have already written about this in another announcement. And with the international forums all closed (please post in regular forums), then the International Forums Group is also gone. The old forums and their posts are moved into the Archive forum (Community), still accessible for all.

So the International Group link in the header is gone.

Renaming groups and forums

You may also notice that most of the Dynamics group and forum names have changed. Before they all included both Navision and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By now, most people know that Navision is Dynamics NAV, if they "end up" here on DUG. Same story repeats regarding Axapta and Great Plains. 

What I have tried to do, with these changes, that you should see as one, is to make the site easier to use, easier to navigate, with more focus on the really important things (yes forgot to tell you that a lot of the ads are gone):

Networking between users and professionals working with Microsoft Dynamics.


There might be some place where the changes are not quite done - so if you notice a problem, then please let me know - just reply. The same goes with suggestions to future updates.