Our first member to reach 10,000 posts!

Today is a special day. Our member "AdamRoue" has reached a total of 10,000 posts on the Dynamics User Group.


CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU ADAM! You really have helped 1,000's of members of our community, both with Navision/Dynamics NAV and Axapta/Dynamics AX! You have seen how this site has changed from being a site which was almost 100% Navision focused to a site which is now almost more AX, than NAV. I'm sure that the high quality of your answers is one of the reasons.

You have been a moderator for almost as long as I remember (I don't remember that well), first for the NAV Manufacturing & Supply Chain forum and the last 5-6 years (?) for the AX End-User forum.

Although I'm "officially" the number on the "Most Active Members" list, then, if we exclude the fact that I'm automatically becoming a friend with all new members (who doesn't remove me!), then Adam would surely also be number one here.

Thank you again!

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