Bio part of profiles disabled

The last couple of months we have experienced a lot of "spam" in the way of member profiles just being registered to post "spam-links" to misc. sites in the "bio" part of the member profile.

Not really sure what these member registrations gain from doing this, as they are only visible to members who are logged in to the site. So really no SEO (search engine optimization) gains here.

And the last couple of days more than 1000 new members have been registered every day, so somehow it has spiked (with me being on vacation in Thailand). And most of these are this kind of "spam" members.

This has to stop! I'm therefor trying to completely removing the "bio" part of the profiles, both for new and existing profiles.

I have no way to filter this further, as long as I'm running the current Community Server platform. So I'm about any inconvenience this might cause you. I just hope it will stop the spam registrations as it takes me so much time to clean out after.