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The quest to improve the Dynamics User Group

The quest to improve the user group is a task which will never end.

And lately I have head the same comment several times, all telling me that DUG is too difficult to navigate, especially the forums, and especially in the Navision group, where we currently have 17 different forums.

The comments are that it's simply too difficult to find out where to post your question. And when asking a question, then often you don't know if it's a "developer" or a "end-user" problem.

I therefor like to ask YOU the following questions:

1) What do you think? Is the current forum structure ok?

2) If we were to change it, how should we do it? Merge everything into one big Navision forum, one AX forum etc, or going back to original structure with only a "end-user", "developer" and "technical" forum for each product, or a forum for each major version, like a forum for Navision Financials (ver. 1 and 2), Attain (ver. 3), Navision/Dynamics NAV (version 4 and 5) and finally one for Navision version 2009 (maybe even one for RTC specific issues).

3) Do you have any other suggestions to improve the usability of this website?