DUG Newsletter for December has been published

Dear friends,

The Dynamics User Group (DUG) Newsletter has just been published. There are still a few emails left which has not been emailed (often due to problems with the receiving mail server - but my server will retry a few more times).

If you think you should have received the newsletter but you didn't then please go into:
Dynamics Newsletter Subscription Center

Here I will ask you to please sign up again. If you do not receive an confirmation email within 30 minutes after this, then please contact me (send me the email address you signed up to).

When you receive the confirmation email, then just click the link in the mail. The page will then list which newsletters you have been confirmed to. If the newsletter is not shown here, then it means you were already subscribed to it. Then also please contact (then it might be an issue with your email server - or mine).


All new members are automatically subscribed to the DUG newsletter if they said yes to allow us to contact you. If you said yes to allow the site's partners to contact you (indrectly) then you're also subscribed to the "3rd party Newsletter" - which will be more commercial newsletter about Microsoft Dynamics - but written and paid by some of our Sponsors.

If you have changed this part in your DUG profile, then you're not automatically unsubscribed from the newsletters, only from other direct communication from the user group.