Create your own groups

Today I have changed the permissions so that all members now can create their own group on DUG (Dynamics User Group).

The groups here are similar to the groups you know from Facebook and LinkedIn (where you also find the Dynamics User Group).

You can see each group as a "mini-site" or a "mini-DUG" and you're welcome to use the groups on DUG for basically everything, as long as the use relates the Microsoft Dynamics products. So this might be as a "support-site" for your Dynamics add-on, a local/regional/country based "off-line" user group. Or how about a group for "Navision Techies" or "Axapta Sales People"?

When you create a new group, then you can select if it should be open to everyone, or if you want to approve all new members, if the information should be "public" or closed, and many other things.

You can select what functions you want in your group: forum, wiki/faq, blog etc.

If you have any questions about the use of the groups, then please use the "Website Debate" forum.