DUG Newsletter

Many of you have already received it. The new newsletter from the Dynamics User Group is right now on it's way out to the 27500 members who have allowed us to contact you on your profile.

The first newsletter is only a welcome newsletter. Future newsletters will contain more "usable information" and a few surprises and offers that only subscribers will receive.

FAQ about the newsletters

Why didn't I receive any newsletter?

There can be several reasons for this:

  1. You're not a member of the Dynamics User Group - or the email registered with your account is not functional (so far 300 emails has been bouncing back).
  2. You received the newsletter, but your spam filter picked up the email. Check your junkmail box. Add the sender newsletter@dynamicsuser.net to your safe recipient list/whitelist.
  3. You said no to the option "Allow this site to contact me" in your member profile.

How can I receive a newsletter in the future?

If you didn't receive the newsletter and you want to receive it in the future, then you need to sign-up as a subscriber. There will be no future synchronizations between the member list and subscriber list.

I'm still working on the option to subscribe directly from the front page, for those of you who are not a member already.This should be possible in 2-3 days

I don't want to receive any future newsletters from DUG?

If you received the newsletter from but you don't want to receive it in the future, then you can click on the Unsubscribe link in the bottom of the email.