Moderators wanted

Dear members,

We have for a long time had the same team of moderators. But some get new jobs, others simply doesn't feel they have the time for the community anymore.

So we're looking for new members of the DUG moderators corps!

But what does it mean to be a moderator?

The job as a moderator could be seen very much as someone working at a gas station. You make sure that there's gas enough. Sometimes you help people getting gas on their car. And if they are stuck on the street with no gas, then you might even bring them a can of gas, so that they can drive back to the gas station. If someones tries to put diesel on instead of gas, then you might direct them to the right pump (forum). Or if their windows are dirty you might clean them (help clerify a unclear question). But most of the times, you don't need to do anything. Just smile and be happy about your fine uniform (the moderator badge on your profile)! Except if they forget to pay, then you have to remind them (to verify the right solution).

Who can become a moderator?

Not everyone can become a moderator. It's expected that you're are online almost every day during the week (not weekends), but of course you migth have days or weeks where you're not able to check any posts. As the moderators should be someone the other members who as very knowledgeble, then you should be able to show a "good record" of posts where you have solved members problems. Either here on DUG or on other sites or blogs.

Several of our current Dynamics MVP's have actually started their "Dynamics Carreer" as a moderator here on DUG. So if that's your future goal, then it's a good place to start.

So what should you do?

If you would like to become a moderator, then please look at the list of forums below. If there are any of the forums you would like to become the moderators of then please let me know.

There might be one or two of the forums where we actually have a moderator, but where I mistakenly have not filled in the right name. Then also please let me know.

Community Corner Moderator
Introductions Admin
New members please introduce yourself to the rest of the user group. Write who you are, where you live/work, how long time you've worked with Dynamics. Just anything your co-members would like to know about you.  
Announcements Admin
News about the website and the user group. Everyone can reply but only the admin and moderators can post.  
Dynamics User Group - Membership Questions Admin
General comments and suggestions to the Microsoft Dynamics User Group. Debates that are not website - but user group specific. Also questions about your membership of DUG, how to do, and what to expect. Do not post product specific questions here.  
Break Space Admin
Have a break - have a posting! The topic in this fora is completely open except for "you know what". Post a good joke or other "point less" topics".  
Web Site Debate Admin
Debate and alike between the webmaster and members with suggestions and wishes regarding this web site.  
Other User Groups Admin
Announcements and reports from other Navision and related user groups.  
Public Announcements Wanted
This forum is open for annoucements of new services or new offerings specific to the Dynamics products, resellers or end users.  
Not allowed are job ads or other directly and "too" commercial postings.  
See the sticky for more information. All posts are moderated before made public.  
User Group Polls Admin
This forum holds the polls that are used on this website. See the old or give your vote in one of the other polls.  
Microsoft Dynamics in the Press Wanted
Read about Microsoft Dynamics in the press. And let's talk about it. If you find the Microsoft Dynamics products mentioned, then please submit an extract and a link to the article here. Debate about the articles is encouraged. Your "job" here is also to "scan" the net for press releseses about Dynamics and post them here. 
Bloggers Forum Admin
A forum especially for the bloggers here on this site or other sites. Help each other with the setup, tips etc.  
Freelancers Alexander Pallesen
This forum is for freelancers, contractors and free agents who are working with training, consulting or development in the Dynamics market. Moderator here also means to become the manager of the Freelancers Group on DUG. You should be a freelancer yourself.
MVP Corner Admin
This forum is for all Dynamics MVP's (NAV, AX, GP, SL and CRM). If you need access please contact the admin.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision
NAV / Navision - Beginners Forum David Singleton
Ask all the questions here you don't want to ask anywhere else. How do I get started with Dynamics NAV/Navision? How can I do the things every one else seams to know?  
NAV / Navision - End User Forum Modris Ivans
This forum is for questions from End Users and Implementers about how to use Dynamics NAV (Navision, Attain and Financials). How to do?/Can I do?/Where do I do? How do I setup this? Do not post technical questions, ex. about installation or servers here, use the Technical Forum for this instead.  
NAV / Navision - Developers Forum Thomas Brodkorb
Questions and discussions about development and modifications in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision, Navision Attain and Navision Financials).  
NAV / Navision - Technical Forum DenSter
This forum is about installation and other technical issues and errors in the Dynamics NAV (Navision/Attain/Financials) installation, database (both native and SQL). Do not post questions about how to use the application or how to develop/customize the application.  
NAV / Navision - Microsoft SQL Server Jörg Stryk
Technical questions especially regarding Dynamics NAV / Navision and Microsoft SQL Server.  
NAV / Navision - Performance Optimization Jörg Stryk
How do I make my Dynamics NAV / Navision installation run faster? How do I prevent deadlocks? Answers and questions might be both about technical solutions (servers/hardward) or application solutions (code optimization).  
NAV / Navision - Supply Chain Management and Manufactoring Adam Roue
About Dynamics NAV (Navision) Supply Chain Management and Manufactoring. Discus all aspects of Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Warehousing.  
NAV / Navision - Integration Nuno Maia
Talk about integration to/from other systems or hardware. Also all questions about C/ODBC, C/FRONT, Automation, Biztalk, Commerce Gateway etc. here. Basically everything that is not C/SIDE.  
NAV / Navision - Web Technology Nuno Maia
Issues regarding Dynamics NAV (Navision Financials, Navision Attain and Navision) and different web technologies, incl. SharePoint, eCommerce, XML/BizTalk, EDI, Webshops, Intranet Solutions, Commerce Gateway, Commerce Portal and the Employee Portal etc. Basically this forum is for all questions not regarding the C/SIDE side of web integration.  
NAV / Navision - Known Issues DaveT
A forum about known errors and other issues with Dynamics NAV (Navision, Navision Attain/Financials) or suggestions to what Microsoft should should change in future updates.  
NAV / Navision - Errors Ecetera DaveT
Use this to report error messages and other stuff that you don't feel goes into the other forums regarding Dynamics NAV (Navision, Attain and Financials). Find explainations and suggestions to all your "Error x in module y" here.  
NAV / Navision - Tips & Tricks DaveT
Use this forum if you have great small Dynamics NAV (Navision/Attain/Financials) tips and tricks that you would like to share.  
NAV / Navision - Tools/Download Support DaveT
Use this forum to discuss and get support on the resources from our download section.  
NAV / Navision - Add-On Forum DaveT
Are you looking for a special Dynamics NAV / Navision add-on? Post your request here!  
NAV / Navision - Certification and Training Modris Ivans
This forum is for various questions about Dynamics NAV Certifications and Training.  
Dynamics NAV - Future Releases DenSter
This forum will focus on the future releases of Dynamics NAV. That means you can use this forum to discus the things you like to see in future releases, what you have read or heard about still unreleased versions.  
Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Moderator
AX / Axapta - End User Questions Adam Roue
Please ask typical end user questions about Dynamics AX (Axapta) in this forum.  
AX / Axapta - Developer Forum Harish Mohanbabu
Questions and discussion about development and modifications.  
AX / Axapta - Technical Forum Harish Mohanbabu
Problems regarding installation and other technical issues with Dynamics AX (Axapta).  
AX / Axapta - Known Issues/Errors Adam Roue
A forum about known errors and other issues with Dynamics AX (Axapta) or suggestions to what Microsoft should change in future updates of Dynamics AX.   
AX / Axapta - Hotfixes and Updates Harish Mohanbabu
Hotfixes and updates for Dynamics AX / Axapta.  
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Moderator
CRM - End User Questions Wanted
Please ask end user questions about Microsoft Dynamics CRM here.  
CRM - Developer Forum Wanted
Questions and discussion about development and modifications of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  
Other Products Moderator
Dynamics SL / Solomon Questions Laura Barber
Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Microsoft Dynamics–Solomon)  
Navision N3 (DOS) Forum Wanted
Questions and discussion about the character based but still going strong version of Navision (aka N3, Navigator, Fjördin, Avistaand Navision).  
XAL - (Damgaard Concorde XAL) Forum Wanted
Questions and discussion about the Damgaard / Concorde XAL product.  
MBF General Wanted
General discussions about Indigo / Project Green / MBF. What is it? What will it give us? When and what to expect?  
International Forums Moderator
Forum Italiano (Italian Forum) Anna Perotti
In questo forum potete porre qualsiasi domanda riguardante la localizzazione italiana dei prodotti Microsoft Dynamics.  
Deutschsprachiges Forum (German Forum) Rene Gayer
In diesem Forum können Sie Ihre ganzen Fragen zu den Dynamics Produkten auf deutsch stellen.  
Indian Forum Sandeep
Questions regarding especial about special Indian functionality, end-user problems or other topics of local Indian interests. You're welcome to use Indian languages in this forum.  
Foros Españoles (Spanish Forum) Wanted
En este foro pueden colocar todas sus preguntas sobre los productos de Dynamics en Español.  
Dansk Forum (Danish Forum) Alexander Pallesen
I dette forum er det tilladt at stille dine spørgsmål om Dynamics (og tidl. Navision og Damgaard) produkterne på Dansk, inclusiv Dynamics NAV, Navision, Navigator, XAL, C5 og C4. Udover de produkter der kun findes på dansk (C4 og C5), så kan der være mange andre interessante emner (eks. momsafregning, e-faktura, pc-pack) der primært interessere danske medlemmer.  
USA Forum Wanted
This forum is dedicated local US functionality and requirements.  
Forum Français (French Forum) Wanted
Questions regarding especial about French functionality. French welcome.  
Fórum Português (Portuguese Forum) Nuno Maia
Questões relacionadas com as funcionalidades específicas portuguesas, problemas de utilizadores finais ou outros tópicos da localização portuguesa. È bem vinda a utilização da linguagem portuguesa neste fórum.  
منتدى عربي (Arabic Forum) Wanted
منتدى عربي (Arabic Forum)  
中文论坛 (Chinese Forum)
Alex Chow
中文论坛 (Chinese Forum) - Who want to moderate?  
Implementing Dynamics Moderator
Open Business Subject Wanted
You can use this forum to an open subject discussion with co-user group members. All business releated subjects are allowed, all other non-business subjects are to be posted in the forum "Break Space".  
Implementation Methods Wanted
This forum is to discuss how to implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions, from creating the first analysis, documenting development, training, project management and project follow-ups. Do NOT use this forum to discuss product specific programming or functionality.  
Sales & Pre Sales Forum Wanted
To debate Sales & Pre Sales issues regarding the Microsoft Dynamics products.