10 € Voucher - prepare for SQL Server Reporting Services with NAV and be ready for 2009

Hi all!

In point of coming version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009  it will be useful to prepare for SQL Server Reporting Services.
But also using SQL Server Reporting Services with current releases is a great (supplement) benefit for developing customer reports.

These are some of the reasons why I started to use Reporting Services with NAV since 2 years ago when it first was mentioned in relation to NAV.
Based on this experience, and my primary role doing partner readiness, I wrote a book which also covers an introduction in building reports with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SQL Server Reporting Services.

The included examples and features are working on the current releases and also on the coming version.
If you are a developer or designer so this can be an example guide for you to learning SQL Reporting Services in an easy way. (As example there is always a comparison of the SRS feature (wording) to NAV feature (wording) in the book)

Even if I am the moderator of the German forum since some days, I want to support the complete community.
So those of you who are interested in this book please send me a private message and I will return you a voucher number which will discount the book for Dynamicsusers.net members with 10 €.

Then you can order here. (it is available in English OR German)

 It is only a small , well but better than nothingSmile - welcome present from me to the community.

I hope you will like it and feel free in give me responses or feedback about it.