Become a sponsor of the Dynamics User group

Dear members, dear sponsor-candidates,

After a break of about 2 years we are now reintroducing the Dynamics User Group sponsor ship setup. But we now feel that the time is right to start again. The number of daily visitors is higher than ever and we have not had any technical problems for almost one year.

Besides the features you get as a sponsors, it is also your way to say that you appriciate the work we are doing with the user group and give us a way to enhance the features on the web site. Ex. one of the things we want to do this year is a much better Job Offered module, which will allow us to receive jobs offered in other ways than direct posting (ex. via email or direct upload).

Signing up as sponsor, will also enable a few other features, such as listing on our sponsor page.


Silver Sponsor Gold Sponsor Platinum
Number of "Featured Job Offers" you can post in the forum per month. All job posts are archived (moved to the regular "Jobs Offered" forum) after 3 months. 5 unlimited
Number of "Featued Job Offers" posts which can get a one month sticker (so that they are displayed on the top of the job post list - even if other sponsors post a job). 0 1 3
You get your company name, a link to your homepage and a description of max. 500 chars on the sponsor list page.(*1) Yes Yes Yes
You get a SILVER SPONSOR tag icon on your profile and next to all your posts. Yes No No
You get a GOLD SPONSOR tag icon on your profile and next to all your posts. No Yes No
You get a PLATINUM SPONSOR tag icon on your profile and next to all your posts. No  No Yes
You get your company logo displayed at our sponsors list page. (*2) Yes Yes Yes 
You get your company logo displayed randomly on our front page with a link to your homepage.(*2) No Yes Yes
Price per month for 6 months invoicing EUR 35 EUR 75 EUR 150
Total price for 6 month invoicing EUR 210 EUR 450 EUR 900
Price per month for one year invoicing EUR 30 EUR 65 EUR 120
Total price for 12 month invoicing EUR 360 EUR 780 EUR 1440

*1) The list is ordered first by sponsor category (first Platinum, the Gold, Silver and Sponsors), second by date of sign-up. So the longer time and higher level, the higher you are displayed.
*2) Logo's for Silver Sponsors: max. 73*45 pixels, Gold Sponsors: max 73*60 pixels. Platinum Sponsors: 73*90 pixels.

If you want to sign up, then send an email to including your username to Dynamics User Group. Specify what type of sponsor you want to sign up as. Then you will receive an online Paypal invoice (you can pay with credit card) and when it has been paid your account will be set up. Also please include the logo you want to use on the sponsor listing.If you decide that you don’t want to continue with your sponsor ship, then you can cancel this any time after the first 3 months.

If you have any questions then please contact me. I will be more than happy to help you.