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Recent Updates to the Website

After I updated the website to the new server, and updated to the latest version of Community Server, then I've done some modifications to the website based on input from the members.

  • "Write a New Post" button now available on all forum post pages.
  • The front page now displays 10 new posts (all posts also blog entries/comments and new files/file comments)
  • Added boxes with "My Discussions" (post you have written or replied to), "Active" (the 10 most recent Forum Posts), "Unanswered" (the 10 most recent Forum Post which are waiting for YOU ANSWER!).

There is still more issues on my "to-do" list:

  • Optimize the front page to display blog and forum posts in separete boxes.

But I would still love to get more requests regarding how we can make this site even better.