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nChannel Announces the Launch of the New Amazon Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

nChannel, creator of the cloud-based multi-channel management platform, announced today that it has launched an Amazon Connector that manages the flow of item, order, shipping and inventory information between Amazon, back-end systems and any number of other sales channels. The release enables Amazon Sellers to design workflows that automate sales-related processes and eliminate manual data entry.

nChannel’s Amazon Connector supports the following processes associated with selling on Amazon:

  • Matches item information from the seller’s point-of-sale (POS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to the Amazon catalog and creates offers
  • Processes and routes inbound orders from Amazon to the appropriate location for fulfillment
  • Pushes shipping information to Amazon to notify buyers of tracking information and expected delivery dates
  • Synchronizes inventory levels between users’ Amazon sales channel and POS or ERP system
  • Routes orders originating from any sales channel to Amazon for Fulfillment by Amazon participants
  • Manages inventory replenishment for Fulfillment by Amazon

In addition to Amazon, nChannel’s cloud-based platform provides similar capabilities for companies that sell through other channels, such as eBay, online stores or physical stores, and need to connect to one or more back-end systems including the Microsoft Dynamics suite, QuickBooks and Sage 100.

“Amazon is an extremely important part of our channel integration strategy. Last year, Amazon customers ordered 26.5 million items on Cyber Monday, a 42% increase in sales over the previous year, and I expect even more Sellers to take advantage of the opportunity this year,” said Steve Weber, nChannel President and CEO. “The challenge these Amazon Sellers face is finding a way to synchronize data across multiple sales channels and process high order volumes without hiring additional staff. nChannel fills that void with a subscription-based, low cost solution that scales to meet the needs of Sellers of almost any size and complexity.”

Unlike point-to-point integration solutions, nChannel is designed to operate as an independent platform that manages many-to-many integration environments. POS, eCommerce, online marketplaces, ERP and accounting systems can be added and deleted from the platform through pre-built Connectors as needed. The platform orchestrates data sharing between them – managed by business rules, a workflow engine and exception management – saving users thousands of dollars annually in manual labor costs.

Full story: http://www.nchannel.com/2013/10/04/nchannel-announces-the-launch-of-the-new-amazon-connector/